Public Lecture Series - Pulau Sudong
  • MHC Auditorium
  • 16 Jan 2016
  • 2.00pm - 5.30pm
  • Free with regsitration

In collaboration with Singapura Stories, Public Lecture Series brings to you a follow-up from Singapura Stories Seminar Two in May 2014 on the Southern Islands held at the National Library. This seminar presents four invited speakers on Pulau Sudong.

Dr Saiful Nizam, President of Seni Silat Gayong (PASAK) Singapura, will talk about how the founder of this silat movement, Dato’ Meor Abdul Rahman, taught his seven pioneer disciples on Pulau Sudong before this martial art form spread to mainland Singapore and beyond.

Ms Asnida Daud, a former islander, will speak on her quest to rediscover her heritage, Sudong’s connection to sea sports and various activities, and the challenges faced by the older generation in relocating to flats on the mainland. She will also share the story of Wak Kusang, one of the seven pioneer disciples of Dato’ Meor.

Zakaria Zainal and Edwin Koo from the Island Nation Project by Captured will speak about their documentation of the southern islanders, including the ways of life at West Coast beach. Dr Imran will act as moderator for the speakers and recapitulate some of the interesting anecdotes on Pulau Sudong presented in Seminar Two: Kampong Histories of the Southern Islands and Clementi.
For more information, you could also browse through Singapura Stories' website here.

All lectures are free. For enquiries and registration, please email to or call 6391 0450.

Author: MHC Admin
Last Modified: 05 Jan 2016